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REKA Beach Tote (Red)


This product is currently out of stock

One of a kind REKA beach tote made from repurposed table cloths. Measurements: approximately 50 cm x 45 cm. REKA is a passion project by our friend Bea Hansson. So far, she's mainly been making cotton shirts sewn and embroidered by hand. Check them out here

SLIC Market is a space where you can occasionally find beautiful things made by our friends. 


SLIC is a Stockholm based accessory brand founded by Sofia Karlsson, Lisa Corneliusson, Ilona Sonko and Columbine Smille in late 2020.

The shop is always open, but we meet weekly to make orders and have a good time, so please allow for a little time before your treat arrives. Thank you so much for visiting.

SLIC c/o Corneliusson
Krukmakargatan 44
117 26 Stockholm
+46 (0)736527787