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saef spaes Bracelet


The limited edition saef spaes and SLIC bracelet. Handmade to order, this bracelet features coral red and green Miyuki glass beads and Sterling Silver details (except for the stainless steel wire). 

June is recognised as men's mental health awareness month, so we thought it made sense to use this month to release our collaboration with our friend Mikias and his initiative saef spaes.

Mikias, with a background as a high school counselor, founded saef spaes to create safe spaces where men can openly discuss their mental health. The initiative aims to break down stigma, challenge stereotypes, and foster community. 

The styles will be available for one month, with all profits going towards Mikias's community work.


SLIC is a Stockholm based accessory brand founded by Sofia Karlsson, Lisa Corneliusson, Ilona Sonko and Columbine Smille in late 2020.

The shop is always open, but we meet weekly to make orders and have a good time, so please allow for a little time before your treat arrives. Thank you so much for visiting.

SLIC c/o Corneliusson
Krukmakargatan 44
117 26 Stockholm
+46 (0)736527787